Shackletons Whisky Mackinlays Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky

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Shackletons Whisky Mackinlays Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky
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Product Code: SHAI3TZ341
Bottle Size: 70cl / 700ml in box
Volume / Alcohol: 47.3% vol
Whisky Region: Blended Malt
Bottler: Whyte & MacKay

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Shackletons Whisky - Mackinlays Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky

A Limited Edition Bottling
Special commemorative bottling of a truly unique blended whisky liquid.
Faithful reproduction of the actual Mackinlay's whisky taken on the ill fated Shackleton Antarctic expedition to the South pole in 1907.
Presented in a replica bottle and wooden case - just as Shackleton left it

Official Tasting Notes of Shackleton's Whisky
Colour - Light honey, straw gold with shimmering highlights.
Nose - Soft, elegant &refined. Delicate aromas of crushed apple, pear and fresh pineapple arouse the senses. The spirit is exciting and vibrant with attractive notes of oak shavings that release hints of buttery vanilla, creamy caramel and nutmeg. A whisper of marmalade, cinnamon and even a tease of smoke, ginger and muscovado sugar completes this spectrum of delight.
Taste - With a generous strength of 47.3% this gives the spirit plenty of impact on the palate but in a mild warming manner. Harmonious and exhilarating. Whispers of gentle bonfire smoke slowly give way to spicy rich toffee, treacle and pecan nuts. These enticing flavours linger lovingly on the palate but are soon combined by a sensual, complex array of creme brulee, orange rind and freshly baked bread. It is a remarkable tapestry of tantalising taste sensations which truly rewards the palate.

Shackleton - Mackinlay Whisky
"The most exciting find of scotch whisky since days began"
1907, Explorer Ernest Shackleton took 25 cases of Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt on his famous, ill fated expedition to the South Pole, and left 11 bottles behind, buried in the ice.
2007 Two priceless cases were discovered and one taken to NZ by the heritage trust.
2011 Richard Patterson of W&M analyses the liquid and reveals a truly awesome whisky.
2011 Richard recreates this sensational blend, lost for over a century
Malts from Speyside, Islands and Highlands including Glen Mhor from 1983, the year the distillery closed. 
Limited edition - Only 50,000 bottles will be produced
Each bottle sold will generate a £5 donation to the Antartica Heritage Trust

Recreated by Whyte & MacKay.


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