Cairn O Mohr Raspberry Wine 75cl

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Cairn O Mohr Raspberry Wine 75cl
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Product Code: CAIZ52
Bottle Size: 75cl / 750ml
Volume / Alcohol: 13.5%
Whisky Region: Scottish Wines
Bottler: Cairn O'Mohr Winery

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Cairn O Mohr Raspberry Wine 75cl

Cairn O' Mohr wines are made in a shed, on a farm in easy picking distance of the fruits of the Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire.
Our raspberry wine is made from a mix of three locally bred varieties of fruit.  Some of the berries come in well ripe for fullness of flavour but, I also like to get in some earlier fruit for a bit of bite in the glass.
The berries are infused (good word that) in hot water to draw out the flavour then hand strained, fermented with French grape yeast till done, allowed to clear, bottled, laid on it's side in the dark.
It just tastes of raspberris (and I'm not joking).
You can serve it as an aperitif or away from meal times, preferably after the kids are in bed or the equivalent.

Volume - 13.5%
Cairn O'Mohr Winery.


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