Cairn O Mohr Bramble and Oak Leaf (Haggis) Wine 75cl

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Cairn O Mohr Bramble and Oak Leaf (Haggis) Wine 75cl
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Cairn O Mohr (Haggis)
Bramble and Oak Leaf Wine 75cl


Jist a Drapple in yir ee


Monies the Burns nicht has seen me scunnert,
Quaffin boattles by the hunnert,
One bit problem returns tae nag us,
Thirs no a Cairn O Mohr thit gangs wi haggis.


The bramble seemed tae hae an affinity,
No right there, but in the vicinity,
They focht a bit wi me in the middle,
Body jerkin like a fiddle.


I had a feelin in ma jeans
That wi a tweak they could be friends.
We folded in some oak leaf wine,
Which brocht the twa taegether fine.


So raise a glass of Cairn o Mohr,
Wiv niver made this one afore.


(Whit's a the fuss aboot the bard? Writin poetries no that hard)


Volume - 13.5%


Cairn O' Mohr Winery, Perthshire, Scotland




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